Correct spelling for abdominal

Medical definition of abdominal:

Relating to the abdomen.

Usage examples for abdominal:

  • I asked him how, and he said the principle of the system was deep abdominal breathing with a slow release of the breath as soon as nervousness came on. "Face to Face with Kaiserism, – James W. Gerard"
  • Pale stigmata, eight pairs of them, placed as in the pseudochrysalis, that is, the first and largest pair on the line dividing the first two segments of the thorax and the seven others on the first seven abdominal segments. "The Glow-Worm and Other Beetles, – Jean Henri Fabre"
  • Perhaps the most curious exception is that of the elephants, in which the testes are abdominal "Hormones and Heredity, – J. T. Cunningham"

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