Correct spelling for attraction

Medical definition of attraction:

The tendency of two bodies to approach each other.

Usage examples for attraction:

  • Where is that, and what is the attraction "Minnie's Sacrifice, – Frances Ellen Watkins Harper"
  • The shade looked inviting, now that the heat was growing greater, and the boy felt some curiosity to know what was the attraction which kept this little group so compact and quiet. "The Secret Chamber at Chad, – Evelyn Everett-Green"
  • There was something about the little French girl which had attracted her strongly at the first sight of her, an attraction she could not have explained, unless it were compassion, and yet she had seen many pathetic, forsaken children during her war work in France. "The Red Cross Girls with Pershing to Victory, – Margaret Vandercook"
  • But beautiful as Agnes was, she felt in her jealous heart that there was about Maddy Clyde an attraction she did not possess. "Aikenside, – Mary J. Holmes"

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