Correct spelling for butter

Medical definition of butter:

1. A coherent mass of milkfat, obtained by churning or shaking cream until the separate fat globules run together, leaving a liquid residue, buttermilk. 2. A soft solid having more or less the consistence of butter.

Usage examples for butter:

  • " I'll go back to work when you give me your word that I'm to have meat and eggs, butter and milk, and plenty of it," said Joe. "The Bondboy, – George W. (George Washington) Ogden"
  • Oh, you do feel so empty when you live on bread- and- butter and nothing else! "The Time of Roses, – L. T. Meade"
  • I'm a bread and butter Miss from the country. "The Honour of the Clintons, – Archibald Marshall"
  • It's going in the butter "When Ghost Meets Ghost, – William Frend De Morgan"

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