Correct spelling for damp

Medical definition of damp:

1. Humid, moist. 2. Atmospheric moisture. 3. Foul air in a mine, air charged with carbonic oxide or with various explosive hydrocarbon vapors.

Usage examples for damp:

  • The best way to make such a road firm is to keep it constantly damp "The Future of Road-making in America, – Archer Butler Hulbert"
  • Jeremy because he had damp hands, Helen because he never looked at her, Mary because he once said to her, " Little girls must play as well as work, you know." "Jeremy, – Hugh Walpole"
  • The morning had been clear and fine, but by four o'clock it began to look like a fog, and the damp came up out of the sea and settled on everything. "Man Overboard!, – F(rancis) Marion Crawford"
  • Come out of this room, Alicia, added the young man, nervously; I believe it's damp or else haunted. "Lady Audley's Secret, – Mary Elizabeth Braddon"

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