Correct spelling for decoction

Medical definition of decoction:

1. The process of boiling. 2. Decoctum.

Usage examples for decoction:

  • They require to be dried before the decoction is made; but this can be done in a short time over a fire; and so in a short time it was done, Norman having parched them upon heated stones. "Popular Adventure Tales, – Mayne Reid"
  • As for the nutritive value, parching the cereals undoubtedly renders some of the carbohydrates soluble, and a part of this soluble matter passes into the decoction but the nutritive value of the infusion is hardly worth considering in the dietary. "Human Foods and Their Nutritive Value, – Harry Snyder"
  • Over their belated decoction of tea Jennie related everything that had happened. "Jennie Baxter, Journalist, – Robert Barr"

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