Correct spelling for dynamo

Medical definition of dynamo:

A machine for producing current electricity by means of magnetic induction.

Usage examples for dynamo:

  • This latter expresses some sort of difference of position or condition, the height of the weight, a difference of temperature in the heat engine, of pressure in the gas engine, or of electric potential in the dynamo or electric furnace. "The Mechanism of Life, – St├ęphane Leduc"
  • As I have said, it could be worked by a storage battery, by ordinary electric current from a dynamo or by hand. "Tom Swift and his Wizard Camera or, Thrilling Adventures while taking Moving Pictures, – Victor Appleton"
  • Every electric cell and battery contains acid and alkaline elements; and the human body is a dynamo made up of innumerable minute electric cells and batteries in the forms of living, protoplasmic cells and organs. "Nature Cure, – Henry Lindlahr"

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