Correct spelling for electricity

Medical definition of electricity:

A form of energy, of unknown nature, the cause of manifold " electrical" phenomena- light, heat, attraction, repulsion, etc. Two forms are distinguished- resting or static e., and flowing, current, or dynamic e.; it is produced by friction, chemical action, or induction. Electricity is positive or vitreous, that produced by rubbing glass with silk, the e. of the glass being positive, that of the silk negative; or negative or resinous, produced by rubbing sealing- wax or amber with flannel or silk, the e. of the amber or sealing- wax being negative, that of the flannel or silk positive. Static e. ( see franklinism), is produced by friction; galvanic e. ( see galvanism), by chemical action; faradic e. ( see faradism), by electrical induction; magnetic e., by magnetic induction ( see dynamo).

Usage examples for electricity:

  • In other words, that power will not only produce electricity but that electricity will produce power. "Inventors, – Philip Gengembre Hubert"
  • What I'd like to know, though, is how you, a tenderfoot of barely a week's standing, happened to be so well posted on electricity and insulation and all the rest of it? "Under Boy Scout Colors, – Joseph Bushnell Ames"
  • The whole electricity of his body was satisfied: the man was perfectly well and perfectly happy. "Six Women, – Victoria Cross"

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