Correct spelling for funnel

Medical definition of funnel:

1. A hollow conical vessel with a tube of variable length proceeding from its apex, used in pouring fluids from one container to another, in filtering, etc. 2. In anatomy, infundibulum.

Usage examples for funnel:

  • Around the wax point a clay funnel is built. "The Bontoc Igorot, – Albert Ernest Jenks"
  • As this ring looks towards the interior of the abdomen, and forms the entrance of the funnel shaped canal, it cannot of course be seen from before until we slit open this canal. "Surgical Anatomy, – Joseph Maclise"
  • There should be a funnel or ventilator in the ceiling, communicating with the open air, made to open and shut as required. "The Book of Household Management, – Mrs. Isabella Beeton"
  • He grinned cheerfully at that, and then, without another word, turned on his heel and made off towards the funnel "The Lost Valley, – J. M. Walsh"

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