Correct spelling for galvanic

Medical definition of galvanic:

Voltaic, relating to galvanism.

Usage examples for galvanic:

  • For example, a galvanic or chemical battery produces the same kind of electricity as the mechanical process of friction or the interaction of cosmic laws as in the dynamo. "Manhood of Humanity., – Alfred Korzybski"
  • They were going to torture me by giving me galvanic shocks, and passing strong currents through my body. "A Queen's Error, – Henry Curties"
  • The human spirit is essentially galvanic "The Madman and the Pirate, – R.M. Ballantyne"
  • The term galvanic used in connection with electricity, comes from the name of this investigator. "Great Inventions and Discoveries, – Willis Duff Piercy"

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