Correct spelling for hair

Medical definition of hair:


1. Pilus, one of the fine, long flexible appendages of the skin, covering the entire body except on the palms and soles and other flexor surfaces. See pilus and scapus. The hairs of the various parts of the body have received special names ( see below). 2. One of the fine, hair- like processes of the auditory cells of the labyrinth, of the taste- bulbs, and of other sensory cells, called auditory hairs, gustatory hairs, sensory hairs, etc.

Usage examples for hair:

  • Her hands were on her hair "Fairy Prince and Other Stories, – Eleanor Hallowell Abbott"
  • They knew him at once, though his hair was white. "The Story of the Amulet, – E. Nesbit"
  • He said it would make the hair a beautiful brown. "The Corner House Girls at School, – Grace Brooks Hill"

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