Correct spelling for induction

Medical definition of induction:

1. Production or causation. 2. The production of an electric current or magnet in a body by electricity or magnetism in another body in close proximity to it. 3. A modification imposed upon the offspring by the action of environment on the germ cells of one or both parents. 4. Therapeutic suggestion, neuroinduction.

Usage examples for induction:

  • One factor in determining the intensity of an induced current is the distance the wire in which it flows is from the source of induction "Electricity and Magnetism Nature's Miracles, Vol. III., – Elisha Gray"
  • Frank's induction into the game led to a grand battle between Split and Sissy, the latter contending that the baby's fingers could not properly handle and shoot the marbles. "The Madigans, – Miriam Michelson"

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