Correct spelling for microscope

Medical definition of microscope:

An instrument containing one or more lenses for magnifying near objects.

Usage examples for microscope:

  • The finger- print expert at Scotland Yard had examined it under the microscope but his search for finger- prints had been vain. "The Hampstead Mystery, – John R. Watson"
  • The tall man lifted his cane, and struck the manuscript out of his Highness's hands; he demolished the microscope at a blow, and flung the geological hammer out of the window. "Tales of the Chesapeake, – George Alfred Townsend"
  • In these times of patient research, when the microscope is disclosing, day by day, fresh wonders to our view, and new lines of speculation are springing out, as it were spontaneously, from the regions of thought, it is remarkable that many of the commoner questions relating to the members of the external world around us have remained comparatively unsolved; nor indeed have some of them ever been discussed at all, except in a desultory manner and with insufficient data to reason from. "On the Variation of Species, with Especial Reference to the Insecta ; Followed by an Inquiry into the Nature of Genera, – Thomas Vernon Wollaston"
  • We used to be seated, my Father at his microscope I with my map or book, in the down- stairs room we called the study. "Father and Son, – Edmund Gosse"

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