Correct spelling for organ

Medical definition of organ:

Any part of the body exercising a specific function, as of respiration, secretion, digestion, etc.; see organon.

Usage examples for organ:

  • That's it on the mouth organ "The Vertical City, – Fannie Hurst"
  • In other words, just as the organ itself is a part of the body, the work which it does is a part of the necessary work which the body has to do. "Physiology and Hygiene for Secondary Schools, – Francis M. Walters, A.M."
  • That organ can be put into working order and kept so through the expression of the face. "Seed Thoughts for Singers, – Frank Herbert Tubbs"
  • For a brief while, hope was revived in her; the treatment threw her into a state of nervous fever, during which she regained considerable sensibility in the organ of hearing. "Harriet Martineau, – Florence Fenwick Miller"

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