Correct spelling for ounce

Medical definition of ounce:

A weight, abbreviation oz., sign 3, containing 480 grains, or 1/ 12 pound troy and apothecaries' weight, or 437 1/ 2 grains, 1/ 16 pound avoirdupois; the ounce of the U. S. P. contains eight drams, and is equivalent to 31. 10349 grams.

Usage examples for ounce:

  • Those last should be pretty tender when you ration out our ounce a week, Captain. "Greylorn, – John Keith Laumer"
  • An ounce of seed will sow fifty feet of drill. "The Home Acre, – E. P. Roe"
  • " I know Rob Blake," rejoined Merritt, " and if he has an ounce of strength he will make his way back." "The Boy Scouts On The Range, – Lieut. Howard Payson"

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