Correct spelling for pancreas

Medical definition of pancreas:

Abdominal salivary gland; in animals used for food, abdominal sweetbread; an elongated lobulated gland, devoid of capsule, extending from the concavity of the duodenum to the spleen; it consists of a flattened head ( caput) at the duodenal end, a curved neck ( collum) and an elongated three- sided body ( corpus) extending transversely across the abdomen. The tail ( cauda) is the pointed left extremity of the body in contact with the spleen. The gland secretes the pancreatic juice, discharged into the intestine, and an internal secretion.

Usage examples for pancreas:

  • Thus we shall learn that the cells of the liver form bile, those of the salivary glands and of the glands of the stomach and pancreas form juices which aid in the digestion of food. "A Practical Physiology, – Albert F. Blaisdell"

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