Correct spelling for resinous

Medical definition of resinous:

Relating to or derived from a resin.

Usage examples for resinous:

  • The air has a pungent fragrance which is peculiar to the desert, that is the mingled product of a variety of resinous plants. "Arizona Sketches, – Joseph A. Munk"
  • The process also furnishing a thin covering of a resinous varnish, excludes the air not only from the muscle but also from the fat; thus effectually preventing the meat from becoming rusted; and the principal reasons for condemning the practice of removing the ribs from the flitches of pork are, that by so doing the meat becomes unpleasantly hard and pungent in the process of salting, and by being more opposed to the action of the air, becomes sooner and more extensively rusted. "The Book of Household Management, – Mrs. Isabella Beeton"

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