Correct spelling for U

Medical definition of U:

1. The chemical symbol of uranium. 2. Abbreviation for unit. 3. Symbol for kilurane, or 1000 uranium units.

Usage examples for U:

  • " She said the U in the middle o' my name stood for Not Wanted. "The Very Small Person, – Annie Hamilton Donnell"
  • Force played from it, and on its sides appeared C- R- U 1 in dully glowing golden light. "The Last Evolution, – John Wood Campbell"
  • I, I and I. I. A. E. I. O. U Do you mean to fly in the face of the tradition of three centuries? "Ulysses, – James Joyce"
  • Three rousing cheers for the U S. Grill! "Ruggles of Red Gap, – Harry Leon Wilson"

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