Correct spelling for wave

Medical definition of wave:

1. A movement of particles in an elastic body, whether solid or fluid, whereby an advancing series of alternate elevations and depressions, or expansions and condensations, is produced. 2. The elevation of the pulse, felt by the finger, or represented graphically in the curved line of the sphygmogram.

Usage examples for wave:

  • A few more kisses, a wave of her handkerchief, and the carriage vanished in the village. "The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers, – Georg Ebers"
  • Then the room vanished from my sight as the great wave burst out of the mist upon me. "The Thing from the Lake, – Eleanor M. Ingram"
  • Then a wave of something else, of something between anxiety and terror, would take the place of anger. "The Prairie Wife, – Arthur Stringer"
  • A big wave did the business for us, and then it was every man for himself. "Bob the Castaway, – Frank V. Webster"

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