Correct spelling for waxy

Medical definition of waxy:

Relating to or resembling wax.

Usage examples for waxy:

  • When one waters the cactus over its body, the waxy coating is washed away and the plant begins to rot. "Free from School, – Rahul Alvares"
  • The waxy mane of the outlaw filly rocked into view as she sprang up and around the turn on to the ridge. "The Ramblin' Kid, – Earl Wayland Bowman"
  • His complexion had preserved the clearness of youth, but had become waxy from dissipation, and in certain lights was feathered with fine lines that looked like scratches on a smooth surface. "Carnival, – Compton Mackenzie"
  • So much so, indeed, that when at luncheon on the day now named, his lordship Roxmouth, as Mr. Netlips would have styled him, was in a somewhat petulant mood, being tired of the constant scolding of the servants that went on around him, and being likewise moved to a sort of loathing repulsion at the contemplation of Miss Tabitha's waxy clean face lined with wrinkles, and bordered by sternly smooth grey hair. "God's Good Man, – Marie Corelli"

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