Correct spelling for wound

Medical definition of wound:

An injury or traumatism, usually with a solution of continuity.

Usage examples for wound:

  • Now, sir, said the good doctor, when the meal was finished, I should like to hear how you came by that ugly wound "Elsie's Womanhood, – Martha Finley"
  • I was wound up to go, and I went it. "The Beetle A Mystery, – Richard Marsh"
  • It opened the old wound that Tarzan would have been glad to have forgotten; yet he was not sorry that D'Arnot had written, for one at least of his subjects could never cease to interest the ape- man. "The Return of Tarzan, – Edgar Rice Burroughs"
  • Why is a clock not wound up, like a mile- stone? "Cole's Funny Picture Book No. 1, – Edward William Cole"

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