Correct spelling for ammonium

Medical definition of ammonium:

A group of atoms, NH4, which behaves as a univalent metal in forming ammoniacal compounds; it has never been obtained in a free state.

Usage examples for ammonium:

  • Meats contain less amid substances than plants, in which the amids are produced from ammonium compounds and are supposed to be intermediate products in the formation of proteids, while in the animal body they are derived from the proteids supplied in the food and, it is generally believed, cannot form proteids. "Human Foods and Their Nutritive Value, – Harry Snyder"
  • The problem is solved: the colouring- matter which has just formed is murexide; and consequently the powdery substance which filled the cells was none other than uric acid, or more precisely ammonium urate. "The Glow-Worm and Other Beetles, – Jean Henri Fabre"

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