Correct spelling for bar

Medical definition of bar:

One of the two convergent ridges on the ground surface of the hoof of a horse, united by the frog, and fused with the sole in front; pars inflexa lateralis and pars inflexa medialis.

Barye, a unit of pressure, representing one megadyne per square centimeter; as a unit of atmospheric pressure it is the equivalent of 29. 53 mercury inches.

Usage examples for bar:

  • I'm at the Bar "The Golden Scarecrow, – Hugh Walpole"
  • You want to read for the Bar I will see that it is arranged. "The Time of Roses, – L. T. Meade"
  • The door into the bar was locked, but I had thought to bring my pass- key with me. "Here and Hereafter, – Barry Pain"
  • Only let nothing bar your path. "Delia Blanchflower, – Mrs. Humphry Ward"

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