Correct spelling for bed

Medical definition of bed:

1. A platform affording support for the body in the horizontal position; a mattress or other yielding object on which one lies or sleeps. 2. In anatomy, a base or structure giving support to another.

Usage examples for bed:

  • And now I want you to go to your bed and try to get some rest. "Elsie at Nantucket, – Martha Finley"
  • You see, sir, when I'm in any trouble, it's no use to go to bed "Annals of a Quiet Neighbourhood, – George MacDonald"
  • What's the good of my going to bed with that money trouble to think about. "The Man with a Shadow, – George Manville Fenn"
  • Are you going to put that on to go to bed with? "Eugenie Grandet, – Honore de Balzac"

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