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Medical definition of bone:

1. A hard animal tissue consisting of an organic matrix of fibers of collagen impregnated with mineral matter, chiefly calcium phosphate and carbonate; the animal matter, or organic matrix, comprises about 33 per cent., the inorganic or mineral matter about 67 per cent., by weight of bone. 2. A portion of bone tissue of definite shape and size, forming a part of the animal skeleton; in man there are 200 distinct bones in the skeleton, not including the ossicles of the tympanum or the sesamoid bones other than the two patellae. A bone consists of an outer layer of dense compact tissue, covered by the periosteum, and an inner loose, spongy tissue; the central portion of a long bone is filled with marrow. ( For the several bones of the body see os, or the qualifying word.).

Usage examples for bone:

  • I'll pick him to the bone "What Maisie Knew, – Henry James"
  • I fear you will make nothing of that, said Hector; a bit of bone would be better. "Lost in the Backwoods, – Catherine Parr Traill"
  • Then another subject of joy filled his heart; Marie had promised that if the Vendeans were now successful, if they could look forward to spending one quiet week in Laval, she would no longer refuse to join her hand to his and become bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh- that promise she would now realize; and therefore as he rode back through the gate of Laval, Henri felt happier than he had done for many a long, weary, tedious day. "La Vendée An Historical Romance, – Anthony Trollope"
  • And if I were to work my old fingers to the bone it would be all the same. "Hansford: A Tale of Bacon's Rebellion, – St. George Tucker"

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