Correct spelling for degree

Medical definition of degree:

1. A rank conferred by colleges and universities in recognition of the completion of a certain course of study or as a mark of honor. The most common medical degrees are Chirurgiae Magister ( C. M.), master in surgery; Medicinae Bachelor ( M. B.), bachelor of medicine; Medicinae Doctor ( M. D.), doctor of medicine. 2. One of the divisions on the scale of a thermometer, barometer, etc.

Usage examples for degree:

  • The happy issue of the Battle of Lahore is perhaps in no small degree due to him. "The Coming Conquest of England, – August Niemann"
  • He was at College, but he had come up for a time to read for his degree "Old Kensington, – Miss Thackeray"
  • Her hair is cut above her forehead, and is quite golden, yet perhaps it is a degree darker than the ordinary hair we hear described as yellow. "Mrs. Geoffrey, – Duchess"
  • This diminished degree of development results from the absence, complete, or nearly so, of the clavicle in the animals which we are now considering. "Artistic Anatomy of Animals, – Ă‰douard Cuyer"

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