Correct spelling for ear

Medical definition of ear:

1. The organ of hearing: composed of the external ear which includes the auricle and the external acoustic, or auditory, meatus; the middle ear, or the tympanum with its ossicles; and the internal ear, which includes the labyrinth and cochlea. 2. The pinna, or auricle.

Usage examples for ear:

  • His hat was over his ear "A Fool There Was, – Porter Emerson Browne"
  • " McNish, I think I'll take a hand in this," said Captain Jack in the Scotchman's ear "To Him That Hath A Novel Of The West Of Today, – Ralph Connor"
  • Or was it part of the Story his cousin had wumbled into his ear when he only partly listened? "A Prisoner in Fairyland, – Algernon Blackwood"
  • I shut off the paper slip, took pencil and paper and began taking the message by ear "Autobiography of Andrew Carnegie, – Andrew Carnegie"

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