Correct spelling for embrasure

Medical definition of embrasure:

In dentistry denoting an opening that widens outwardly or inwardly; that part of the interproximate space that spreads out toward the labial, lingual, or buccal aspect.

Usage examples for embrasure:

  • The two physicians moved away from the bedside as she entered, and began to talk quietly together in the embrasure of the window. "The Grand Babylon Hotel, – Arnold Bennett"
  • Miss Peyton, in her white gown, and with some soft rich roses lying on her lap, is leaning back in a low chair in the deep embrasure of the window, making a poor attempt at working. "Faith and Unfaith, – Duchess"
  • A few harsh words reached Francine's ear, and after a word said to her mistress the girl retreated into the embrasure of a window. "The Chouans, – Honore de Balzac"
  • Nay, more; he had been blown up in a fortress- the castle of Danvilliers in Luxembourg, of which he was governor- where all perished save his wife and himself, and, when they came to dig among the ruins, they excavated at last the ancient couple, protected by the framework of a window in the embrasure of which they had been seated, without a scratch or a bruise. "Project Gutenberg History of The Netherlands, 1555-1623, Complete, – John Lothrop Motley"

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