Correct spelling for embryonic

Medical definition of embryonic:

In the condition of an embryo, rudimentary.

Usage examples for embryonic:

  • Human Engineering has never existed except in the most embryonic form. "Manhood of Humanity., – Alfred Korzybski"
  • So far, indeed, has this been carried through all time past that the actions which are most important to us, such as our passage through the embryonic stages, the circulation of our blood, our respiration, etc. "God the Known and God the Unknown, – Samuel Butler"
  • For the same reason we may understand why the species of the same genus, or genera of the same family, resemble each other more nearly in their embryonic than in their more fully developed state, or how it is that in the eyes of most naturalists the structure of the embryo is even more important in classification than that of the adult, " for the embryo is the animal in its less modified state, and in so far it reveals the structure of its progenitor. "The Antiquity of Man, – Charles Lyell"
  • But it is very probable that marriage by capture was common in the embryonic civilization of early Rome. "Roman Women Woman: In All Ages and in All Countries, Volume 2 (of 10), – Alfred Brittain"

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