Correct spelling for H

Medical definition of H:

Abbreviation for hyperopia or hyperopic; horizontal. Symbol for hydrogen. Abbreviation for Holzknecht unit.

Abbreviation for hydrogen ion.

Usage examples for H:

  • He wished that he could say with truth that they had not an h among them, but this was not so. "Helena Brett's Career, – Desmond Coke"
  • Is this Miss H 's? "An American Girl Abroad, – Adeline Trafton"
  • Don't m- make me cry; I h have- I am t- trying to remember how it feels to laugh once more." "The Fighting Chance, – Robert W. Chambers"
  • I wanted to h shake hands with him, and I wanted to kiss- yes, kiss! "Imaginary Interviews, – W. D. Howells"

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