Correct spelling for head

Medical definition of head:

1. Caput, the upper or anterior extremity of the animal body, containing the brain and the organs of sight, hearing, taste, and smell. 2. The upper, anterior, or larger extremity of any body or structure. 3. The proximal extremity of a bone, that which is nearer the cerebrospinal axis. 4. That end of a muscle which is attached to the more fixed part of the skeleton.

Usage examples for head:

  • He turned his head to look at her. "The Secret Garden, – Frances Hodgson Burnett"
  • What put it into your head "Hedda Gabler Play In Four Acts, – Henrik Ibsen"
  • On your own head be it, then! "Every Man for Himself, – Hopkins Moorhouse"
  • Hallett shook his head sadly. "The Story of Antony Grace, – George Manville Fenn"

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