Correct spelling for hearing

Medical definition of hearing:

Audition, the perception of sounds; the auditory sense, the function of the ears.

Usage examples for hearing:

  • Oh, aye, what wi' one thing and another it would have been my ain fault had that audience no liked hearing me sing that nicht. "Between You and Me, – Sir Harry Lauder"
  • I must say that I missed hearing the bell; I shall lose myself altogether by the middle of the week. "A Country Doctor and Selected Stories and Sketches, – Sarah Orne Jewett"
  • Still, he could do no harm by hearing what Blind George had to say; so he answered: All right. "The Hole in the Wall, – Arthur Morrison"
  • They had not won a hearing beyond the country whose early history they told. "William Hickling Prescott, – Harry Thurston Peck"

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