Correct spelling for ichor

Medical definition of ichor:

A thin watery discharge from an ulcer or unhealthy wound.

Usage examples for ichor:

  • The blood is changed to strange, ethereal ichor the pulse beats a tune that is as old as the Earth itself, but yet eternally new. "The Dop Doctor, – Clotilde Inez Mary Graves"
  • The variegated windows cast on us their red and green lights, like drops of blood and ichor requiems for the dead resound through the aisles; under our feet are gravestones and decay; in harmony with the colossal pillars, the soul soars aloft, painfully tearing itself away from the body, which sinks to the ground like a cast- off garment. "The Prose Writings of Heinrich Heine, – Heinrich Heine"
  • Some new ichor stirred in Maseden's veins, firing his spirit to emprise. "His Unknown Wife, – Louis Tracy"

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