Correct spelling for L

Medical definition of L:

1. Abbreviation for left, left eye. 2. Abbreviation for Latin limes, boundary, limit; used in an equation noting the reaction of toxin and antitoxin.

Denotes the number of doses of toxic bouillon, fatal to a guinea- pig weighing 250 grams, which are necessary, when mixed with one antitoxin unit, to kill the animal within five days, one lethal dose being left uncombined.

Usage examples for L:

  • I dared not send a l letter to Mr. Maxwell, for fear the child should be followed; I dared not send to another Catholic; nor indeed did I know where to find one whom Mr. M- Maxwell would know and trust, as he is new to us here; but I had heard him speak of his friend Mr. Anthony Norris, who was at Lambeth House; and I determined, sir, to send the child to you; and ask you to do this service for your friend; for an officer of the Archbishop's household is beyond suspicion. "By What Authority?, – Robert Hugh Benson"
  • " Circle L from Wolf River," answered Blackburn. "The Trail Horde, – Charles Alden Seltzer"
  • What the d-- l do you want, then? "Openings in the Old Trail, – Bret Harte"
  • Sclater, P. L on geographical distribution. "Darwin and Modern Science, – A.C. Seward and Others"

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