Correct spelling for lead

Medical definition of lead:

A metallic element, symbol Pb, atomic weight 207. 1; see plumbum.

One of the records, usually three in number, taken by means of the electrocardiograph; in lead I the current is from the right arm and left arm; in lead II, from the right arm and left leg; in lead III, from the left arm and left leg.

Usage examples for lead:

  • And Meynell put out his hand kindly toward the woman standing in the shadow, as though to lead her. "The Case of Richard Meynell, – Mrs. Humphrey Ward"
  • I'll let Splash lead the cow back along the road, and I'll go with him. "Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue on an Auto Tour, – Laura Lee Hope"
  • He has sent you to lead us! "Men Called Him Master, – Elwyn Allen Smith"
  • And you'll give me a lead to- day, won't you? "Mr. Marx's Secret, – E. Phillips Oppenheim"

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