Correct spelling for normal

Medical definition of normal:

1. Typical, usual, healthy, according to the rule or standard. 2. In bacteriology, nonimmune, untreated; noting an animal, or the serum or substance contained therein of an animal which has not been experimentally immunized against any microorganism or its products.

Usage examples for normal:

  • It was not normal breathing surely, but it was the sound of breathing. "Pee-wee Harris on the Trail, – Percy Keese Fitzhugh"
  • Only as religious feeling goes out into religious expression, can we have a normal religious experience. "The Mind and Its Education, – George Herbert Betts"
  • " In normal condition, I'd agree with you," Ralph said. "Angel Island, – Inez Haynes Gillmore"
  • Let some one hold the arm down to the bed, then I place both of my hands under the arm, pull it up with considerable force till I get it as high or higher than normal position of the shoulder. "Philosophy of Osteopathy, – Andrew T. Still"

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