Correct spelling for quadrangular

Medical definition of quadrangular:

Noting a figure having four angles.

Usage examples for quadrangular:

  • Quadrangular having four angles, and consequently four sides. "A Manual of the Antiquity of Man, – J. P. MacLean"
  • It is commonly an unroofed, quadrangular court surrounded by a roofed colonnade, and thence known as the " peristyle." "Life in the Roman World of Nero and St. Paul, – T. G. Tucker"
  • According to the Gerefa, written about 1000- and there was very little alteration for a long time afterwards- the mansion was adjacent to a court or yard which the quadrangular homestead surrounded with its barns, horse and cattle stalls, sheep pens and fowlhouse. "A Short History of English Agriculture, – W. H. R. Curtler"
  • They were all built on the same model, with high quadrangular chimneys, and had a singular effect. "The Moon-Voyage, – Jules Verne"

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