Correct spelling for Quadrumana

Medical definition of Quadrumana:

An order of Mammalia, now generally abandoned, which included monkeys, apes, and lemurs; it embraced all now included in the order of Primates, except man.

Usage examples for Quadrumana:

  • Twelve years later, Cuvier adopted the same order Bimana for the human family, while the apes, monkeys, and lemurs constituted a separate order called Quadrumana "The Antiquity of Man, – Charles Lyell"
  • Even our next relations, the quadrumana exhibit all possible differences in the grouping of males and females. "The Origin of the Family Private Property and the State, – Frederick Engels"
  • If therefore, by reference to this character, we place Man in a separate order, we must make several orders for the apes, monkeys, and lemurs, and so, in regard to the structure of the hands and feet before alluded to, " the Gorilla differs far more from some of the quadrumana than he differs from Man." "The Antiquity of Man, – Charles Lyell"
  • He will be forced to admit that the close resemblance of the embryo of man to that, for instance, of a dog- the construction of his skull, limbs, and whole frame on the same plan with that of other mammals, independently of the uses to which the parts may be put- the occasional reappearance of various structures, for instance of several muscles, which man does not normally possess, but which are common to the Quadrumana and a crowd of analogous facts- all point in the plainest manner to the conclusion that man is the co- descendant with other mammals of a common progenitor. "Darwin and Modern Science, – A.C. Seward and Others"

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