Correct spelling for race

Medical definition of race:

1. A division of mankind, by some regarded as a species, such as the Caucasian, Mongolian, and Negro. 2. A tribal division. 3. An artificial division of animals kept distinct only by careful selection in breeding.

Usage examples for race:

  • You couldn't have done better if you had been in a race and, after all, it was a race for life." "The Hunters of the Hills, – Joseph Altsheler"
  • It is anybody's race yet. "The Corner House Girls at School, – Grace Brooks Hill"
  • The race will be less in touch with Nature, some day, than its dogs. "This Simian World, – Clarence Day Jr."
  • She was proud, a daughter of a proud race "The Light That Lures, – Percy Brebner"

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