Correct spelling for radiate

Medical definition of radiate:

1. To spread out in all directions from a center. 2. Radial ( 2).

Usage examples for radiate:

  • He tossed a small weight on it, and it remained fixed, but began to radiate slightly. "Invaders from the Infinite, – John Wood Campbell"
  • The whole of life then becomes a garden teeming with strange and wonderful secrets, and influences that flash and radiate passing on into some mysterious and fragrant gloom. "Where No Fear Was A Book About Fear, – Arthur Christopher Benson"
  • The warm air seemed to radiate about the house like a flame that is obscured by sunlight. "The Captives, – Hugh Walpole"
  • Sometimes the whole southern hemisphere would be covered with arches of a beautiful straw- colour, from which streamers would radiate both upwards and downwards, of a pure glittering white. "Old Jack, – W.H.G. Kingston"

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