Correct spelling for rudimentary

Medical definition of rudimentary:

Relating to a rudiment, imperfectly developed, vestigial.

Usage examples for rudimentary:

  • He'd be vulgar, he'd be rudimentary he'd be atrocious: he'd be elaborately what he hadn't been before. "Embarrassments, – Henry James"
  • In time it marshalled its teachers and students into regular Faculties of theology, law, and medicine, with arts, or general and liberal culture, if the name can be applied to anything so rudimentary as the literature and science of that day, forming the basis of all. "Oxford and Her Colleges, – Goldwin Smith"
  • Their idea seemed to be- - if the rudimentary thing she unearthed from their consciousness could be called an idea- that they would not mind repenting if they could see anything of which to repent. "Marm Lisa, – Kate Douglas Wiggin"

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