Correct spelling for saleratus

Medical definition of saleratus:

Sal aeratus was originally potassium bicarbonate, but the term saleratus is now applied to monosodic carbonate or sodium bicarbonate, baking soda.

Usage examples for saleratus:

  • Dyspepsia crackers can be made with unbolted flour, water and saleratus "The American Frugal Housewife, – Lydia M. Child"
  • Generally her butter was strong and her tea weak, while the contrary should have been the case, and her biscuit heavy with saleratus "Walter Sherwood's Probation, – Horatio Alger"
  • After an examination, the gold was taken to the cabin of Weimer, and Mrs. Weimer instructed to boil it in saleratus water; but she, being engaged in making soap, pitched the piece into the soap- kettle, where it was boiled all day and all night. "The Great Events by Famous Historians, Vol. 17, – Charles Francis Horne"
  • They ain't annything it don't turn its hand to fr'm explaining th' docthrine iv thransubstantiation to composin' saleratus biskit. "Observations by Mr. Dooley, – Finley Peter Dunne"

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