Correct spelling for temperature

Medical definition of temperature:

The sensible heat of any substance.

Usage examples for temperature:

  • From what we know of their habits, we cannot suppose more than the mere physical enjoyment of its genial temperature "Education in The Home, The Kindergarten, and The Primary School, – Elizabeth P. Peabody"
  • What variety we have had, in temperature at all events! "The Moon-Voyage, – Jules Verne"
  • 167; temperature of, i. "Himalayan Journals V2., – J. D. Hooker"
  • While undoubtedly some change in the law would take place before the lower temperature could be reached, there is no reason why the law may not be used within the range of temperature where it is known to hold good. "Steam, Its Generation and Use, – Babcock & Wilcox Co."

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