Correct spelling for X

Medical definition of X:

1. The Roman numeral 10. 2. In homeopathy, noting the decimal scale of dilutions or potencies; see potency. 3. Abbreviation for Kienboeck's unit. 4. Chemical symbol for xenon.

Usage examples for X:

  • Charles X is fond of d'Aubrion; they have known each other from childhood. "Eugenie Grandet, – Honore de Balzac"
  • 2. Guitteau, Government and Politics in the United States, chapter x "Problems in American Democracy, – Thames Ross Williamson"
  • If it cannot be reached and it will not go down, lose no time in seeking an X ray laboratory where its exact location may quickly be discovered and proper measures instituted for its removal. "The Mother and Her Child, – William S. Sadler Lena K. Sadler"
  • No man could be such a fool as you have made out this X of yours to be. "The Mystery of the Hasty Arrow, – Anna Katharine Green"

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