Correct spelling for yard

Medical definition of yard:

The penis.

A measure of three feet, about three inches less than a meter.

Usage examples for yard:

  • There's a young man waiting in the back yard to help me carry my basket. "The Comings of Cousin Ann, – Emma Speed Sampson"
  • I didn't see Frank Nelson's dog go into the yard he continued; " he must be around here somewhere. "Frank, the Young Naturalist, – Harry Castlemon"
  • It was now the middle of May, and Ralph had seen nothing of the breeches- maker since the morning on which he had made his appearance in the yard of the Moonbeam. "Ralph the Heir, – Anthony Trollope"
  • She had done a quarter of a yard in a day. "A Country Gentleman and his Family, – Mrs. (Margaret) Oliphant"

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