Correct spelling for friction

Medical definition of friction:

1. Rubbing 2. The resistance to movement between two bodies in contact with each other.

Usage examples for friction:

  • Rosy cheeks, tight- drawn, close- shaven, and gleaming with friction of yellow soap, added vigor to the general expression of his face, which was firm and quick and straightforward. "Erema My Father's Sin, – R. D. Blackmore"
  • To Janet she brought only friction and resentment, because she would not yield. "Not Quite Eighteen, – Susan Coolidge"
  • To him is due its organization upon a basis which has more than fulfilled the most cherished hopes and expectations of those who conceived the idea and which has furnished from the first a valuable source of revenue for the government with little hardship or unnecessary friction among the people at large. "Reminiscences of Sixty Years in Public Affairs, Vol. 1, – George Boutwell"

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