Correct spelling for insoluble

Medical definition of insoluble:

not soluble

Usage examples for insoluble:

  • The unconquerable independence of the Achinese, fiercely resenting the sovereignty of Holland, proves an insoluble problem to the Dutch methods of subjugation. "Through the Malay Archipelago, – Emily Richings"
  • All these questions are probably insoluble and the notice of Jerome leaves the whole life and personality of the poet still completely hidden. "Latin Literature, – J. W. Mackail"
  • The constant outward occupation prevented any eating of the heart or undue brooding over problems which were insoluble at least for my intellect, and on that very account fascinated me the more. "The Autobiography of Mark Rutherford, – Mark Rutherford"
  • The dichloramine, in tablet form, was also found to be too insoluble to effect prompt sterilisation. "Chlorination of Water, – Joseph Race"

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