Correct spelling for galvanism

Medical definition of galvanism:

Constant current electricity produced by chemical action.

Usage examples for galvanism:

  • Being asked each day by Shelley whether she had found a story, she answered " No," till one evening after listening to a conversation between Byron and Shelley on the principle of life- whether it would be discovered, and the power of communicating life be acquired-" perhaps a corpse might be reanimated; galvanism had given tokens of such things"- she lay awake, and with the sound of the lake and the sight of the moonlight gleaming through chinks in the shutters, were blended the idea and the figure of a student engaged in the ghastly work of creating a man, until such a horror came to light that he shrank in fear from his own performance. "Mrs. Shelley, – Lucy M. Rossetti"
  • The novel phenomena of galvanism and its congeners suggested vast possibilities in the range of the physical powers, especially of the physical powers of the human psyche as a natural agent. "Hegel’s Philosophy of Mind, – Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel"

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